Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Technology Articles

We all know that technology is pretty advanced, but since the early 1900's when the digital age began it has been a non stop process creating new ideas daily. Of the three articles I read over I came to the same conclusion about the internet, microblogging, social networking, and Flickr, it is all done for our pure enjoy in life that we want to share with others who either we just met by adding them as friends on facebook, or comming across a blog we found when using key words to search. We as humans find gratification knowing other people can follow our lives especially when they are full of adventure and excitement. There are lots of other reasons to use these sites though, if we really think long and hard about all of the opportunity that arises when we as educators create and upload our lecture notes, interesting sites, or even a help line to our students we may get more feedback then we think. I think it is worth a try to engage our students to use the resources avaliable to them and us. They many different opportunities from Podcasting(once I figure out how to create one), microblogging, and webblogs our teaching becomes endless to get messages across to our students day or night. I am very excited to start using my resources when I become a full time teacher and wait for the outcome I receive.

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