Friday, June 19, 2009

Here is a picture I wanted to share with everyone although it is a bit far. I played softball against the US Olypmic team last year in May and this is us lined up for the pledge.

Google Sites

Hello everyone! This is the site to my portfolio if you are interested. Anywho, using google sites was pretty easy and convenient, although I did get a bit nervous when the pictures in the directions looked different from the actual updated site. But with time and patients, both neither I grasp, I figured out how to create my web page and make it professional enough to send it to employers if needed.

As for Linkedin and Plaxo, they are two sites I would say are very professional, though share the same concept as facebook and myspace. It only sounds better for us older people to say we are connected on Linkedin rather than myspace. lol. Comparing these sites is like comparing a Lexus to a Camry, one is perceived as being classier. But to be completely honest, I might find myself using one of these newly acquired sites.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Library Thing

I created my profile on Librarything. com and learned some pretty interesting things while browsing through the site. I learned how the site works and with that you can give insight to others about the book. For example, you could introduce characters, give summaries and just share common knowledge with others. I wish I had known about this site when I was in high school because it would have helped me write my chapter! Anyhooo, this site is very valuable to those who are frequent readers because they can research a book before buying it. This is definitely a p2p sharing site. just like Limewire.....

Blog Generators

Haha!!! I thought I would find something funny to generate, and I thought this picture portrayed a pretty good explaination of what I felt like at the time. I think this generating software is pretty awesome because it can change pictures and phrases up a bit to make life more interesting. I have used the program on Mac computers to distort pictures and I like that I have found a way to do this reconfiguring on my PC. I think I looked at like 20 different types of things to reconfigure and finally I found this comic strip to use. I had also created a chocolate bar but posting it wasn't the easiest so I created many things until I decided I could do this fun stuff all night!!!

Want to have some fun like I

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Technorati very useful

After browsing through Technorati's website I look up a few interesting topics and the results I came up with were pretty useful. This site has blogs divided into different catagories and tagged so it makes life much eaiser when looking for specific blog pages. I like the fact that many of the topics typed in the search box gives variety to a simple search word. For, example when I typed in kinesiology I came up with all sorts of things related to how the body functions.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm learning more about Podcasting

I browsed through Podcast Alley and found my motivation to get on the right track of feeling good again! I found a podcast call Motivation to Move and it offers music, daily tips, etc... And after a long two month hibernation from working out I found my breath of fresh air to start working out again. I was such a regular at the gym and that has all gone away so easily. Time to gain energy and tone some muscle.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Posting Videos-YouTube

I am a frequent visitor to YouTube and when I used to have a myspace I would post funny videos frequently so I am pretty used to this assignment. Any how I think if YouTube is used correctly, for instance choosing a video like I used to show proper technique, then YouTube is a useful site but there are a lot of videos that are junk. So sort carefully and don't settle on the first video you find because chances are there are better.